About the Network

We are an international group of researchers with shared interests in quantifying and modelling uncertainty in proxy-based palaeoclimate reconstruction.

You can read about our plans for the Network here.

Network Launch

We launched the Network with a Melting Pot Workshop in Sheffield 23-27 June 2008.

The Workshop was funded by:

It was not a conventional research Workshop; there were no formal papers or posters. Instead, each session took the form of a pleanary discussion led by experts in two related but different aspects of past climate reconstruction. The relevant experts had two statisticians allocated to their session who acted as rapporteurs, helping to focus the discussion throughout on quantifying and modelling uncertainties.

A list of those who participated in the meeting (with their research interests) is available here.

The outputs from the Workshop will be a position paper and several new research teams who will work on future funding proposals. We are writing paper for a major journal such as QSR or Nature Geoscience. It willl draw together current knowledge about past climate, hightlighting the sources, scale and nature of the uncertainties involved. In the next year or so, the newly formed research teams will write several major funding proposals so that we can tackle the most important research issues identified at the Workshop. We have funding to organise smaller meetings for those writing the funding proposals should they need it.

Workshop materials

Participants at the meeting have kindly agreed to share their slides which are available for download below.


The PI for the Network is Professor Caitlin Buck, c.e.buck@sheffield.ac.uk, tel: +44 114 222 3715.