Professor Caitlin E. Buck

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sheffield
Hicks Building
S3 7RH
United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 114 222 3715 (direct line)
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Biographical information

I graduated with a B.Sc. in Archaeological Science from the University of Bradford in 1987. I then joined a collaborative team of archaeologists and statisticians at the University of Nottingham, working as a research assistant on a number of projects and completing a part-time PhD in statistics in 1994. My PhD thesis title was: Towards Bayesian Archaeology.

From Nottingham I moved to Cardiff University to take up a post as Lecturer in Computing in the School of History and Archaeology (1994-2001). During that time, I continued my research on the application of statistics to archaeology and moved to the University of Sheffield in mid-2001.

Since arriving in Sheffield I have continued my research at the interface between archaeology and statistics and have broadened my horizons to work on the application of Bayesian statistical methods to a range of issues in palaeo-environmental science.

Research interests

My general research interests lie in applied Bayesian statistics. I work almost exclusively on the quantification, management, modelling and interpretation of large, complex or uncertain datasets in archaeology and palaeoenvironmental science. I am, however, also interested in foundational Bayesian matters such as elicitation of expert knowledge and development of methods for robust inference when such knowledge is highly subjective and personal.

Previous, recent and on-going research work has included:

I am also the co-ordinator of a project which provides the on-line Bayesian radiocarbon calibration software known as BCal - Researchers from around the world are welcome to use the service for any radiocarbon calibration that might benefit from the integration of chronological information from a range of sources.


My teaching responsibilities vary from year-to-year, but I am generally responsible for training in applied statistics at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

PhD students

I am happy to discuss supervising students who want to work on any application of statistics to archaeology or palaeoenvironmental science (including past climate). Current and previous PhD students have worked on the following.

Some recent publications

I am also co-author of:

and co-editor of:

Personal interests

In my spare time I cook, garden and help my husband to brew wine. What I like most is growing vegetables, utilising the produce to cook vegetarian dishes from around the world and sharing the results with groups of friends - especially if they happen to like home brewed wine. Fortunately, given the other interests, I also swim on my way to work!

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